Brawl at the Crooked Dragon

Join us for fighting, fun, and time with friends. Armored and rapier combat, combat and target archery, and equestrian events.

Site Information

Lorain County Fairgrounds
23000 Fairgrounds Road, Wellington, Ohio 44090


Registration is by free-will donation. We will accept all contributions toward the event site fee.

Lunch Tavern

Lunch Tavern will be offering sandwich wraps: ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, roast beef and cheese, and veggie and cheese with hummus. Please let me know ahead of time if you would like one made without cheese. Condiments will be available on the side. Sandwiches will be $4.

We will also have beverages and sides available for $.50 or $1: chips, hard boiled eggs, veggie sticks, pickles, pop, water.

Event Schedule

9:00 amSite Opens
11:30 amLunch Tavern Opens
2:00 pmLunch Tavern Closes
Chatelaine Meet-up and Gold Key Swap
5:00 pmLists close
5:30 pmRegency Court

Armored Combat

10:00 amSign-in, inspections, and authorizationsPlease have your membership and authorization cards. Bring all weapons to be used during melee to be inspected.
11:00 amMelee ScenariosA variety of melee scenarios will be conducted throughout the day. Some will include combat archery.
3:00 pmTavern BrawlA tavern brawl for the pleasure of the ladies gallery. Entrants may not bring weapons into the tavern. Take care to disguise all weapons. Schtick is encouraged.
5:00 pmList closesList is closed.

Rapier Combat

9:00 amInspections, authorizations, and pick-ups
10:30 amDragons, Kittens, and Lava Tourney
11:15 amTavern Brawl
12:00 pmLunch Break
12:30 pmMelee Practice
3:00 pmMelee Practice Over
If you have an RBG, bring it. There are a couple of scenarios that they will be allowed in.

Equestrian Activities

Equestrian activities will all take place at the Draft Horse barn and ring. Riding around the fairgrounds is permitted. Please take caution to stay toward the less populated areas.

10:00 amSign-in, inspections, and authorizationsSign-in: Please have your membership and authorization cards as well as health certificates/Coggins for horses residing out of state
Inspections: all weapons must be inspected prior to use.
Authorizations: please have your membership cards with you and be prepared for verbal questions and demonstrations of riding/skill
11:00 amEquestrian participant meeting
A meeting for all riders, marshals, and ground crew to review the activities, courses and scoring
12:00 pmNovice Rider/Green Horse CourseScored course for novice riders and green horses. All riders are welcome to participate but only some combination of novice rider and green horse may win the prize.
2:00 pmChallenge CourseA scored course with the standard equestrian activities and the addition of basic obstacles.
4:00 pmFairgrounds rideTake a calm ride around the fairgrounds to end the day.

Archery Schedule

10:00 amRange opens for inspections, warm-ups, and the Society Seasonal Archery Challenge
12:00 pmRange Closed (or super low key) for lunch
1:00 pmCarnival Tournament
3:00 pmPoker Tournament
Prizes: Hoods! There are 4 of them, categories will be based on attendance/schedule/etc, but likely highest hand bow and cross bow of each tournament

Adult and child loaner equipment will be available, child range schedule will depend on range size and marshal availability.


Event Staff

Event Steward: THL Kateline Eliot

Marshal-in-Charge: Captain Ivan Shishov

Rapier Marshal: Sargeant Ezra Surman

Equestrian Marshals: THL Kateline Eliot and Syr Farthegn Rinkson

Archery Marshal: Lady Gwyneth Cole

Lunch Tavern: Lady Alays de la Salle


Driving Directions

From the West: Take your best route to either I-90/80 East or US-2 East. Take Rt 58 South and turn right onto Route 18 West. Turn left into the Fairgrounds at Fairgrounds Rd.

From the East: Take your best route to Route I-90/2 West or I-480/10/20 West. Then take Route 58 South and turn right onto Route 18 West. Turn left into the Fairgrounds at Fairgrounds Rd.

From the North: Then take Route 58 South and turn right onto Route 18 West. Turn left into the Fairgrounds at Fairgrounds Rd.

From the South: Get on I-70 E/I-71 N. Follow I-71 N to US-250 E in Montgomery Township. Take exit 186 from I-71 N. Take OH-89 N and OH-58 N. Turn left onto Route 18 West. Turn left onto Fairgrounds Rd.