Rapier Skill Tournament

As reported by Warder Brice Colquhoun:

At the practice on February 3, we had a rapier tournament of skill.

There were 9 fighters in the tournament. Three rounds were fought. Sgt Ezra Surmon won the first; Lord Levie won the second, and Lord Dougal won the third.

We had a three way tie so we had a fight off. It was the best 2 out of three fight. The first fight was bring your best. The second was limbs only; if you killed the other fighter you lost. The third was double dagger.

Dougal fought Levi first and after it went all three rounds Dougal the victor of that pairing. The second pair was Dougal and Ezra. This again went all three rounds with Dougal the victor. Dougal is the winner of the 1st rapier skill tournament!!!!!

Thank you everyone for a great day.

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