Rapier Skills Tournament on Sunday, March 3rd

From Warder Brice Colquhoun:

Here are the rules for the Falcon Quarry skill tournament this Sunday at our normal practice site. It will start at 1:30. Everyone is welcome to come to practice and play in the Skills Tournament.

Each win per round counts to overall victor.

First round is standard rules. (Whether it is one pass or best of three will be determined by how many fighters we have.)

Second round: the winner of the first round in each fight must take at least one limb on his opponent before going for the kill. Anyone with a kingdom level fencing award must give a point of honor when they take an opponent’s limb.

Third round any fighter who won ONE previous round must use the rules from the second round if the fighters each won a round both are bound by the rule. If one of the fighters won both of the first two rounds, the only attack that counts for them to use is a draw cut.

Our winter practice site is located at the Canine Club, 41909 N Ridge Rd, Elyria, OH 44035. We hope to see you there.

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