Armored Combat Activities

Armored Marshal: Captain Haukr Myrkjarten
9:00-10:30 amSign-in, inspections, and authorizationsPlease have your membership and authorization cards. Bring all weapons to be used during combat to be inspected.
11:00 amTournament of Chivalry - Round 1
12:00 pmToC Break/Classes
12:30 pmTournament of Chivalry - Round 2
1:30 pmBelted Champions Practice
Unbelted Champions Practice
2:30 pmTournament of Chivalry - Round 3
3:30 pmBreak and Brawl setup

Order of the Chivalry Meeting
4:00 pmTavern Brawl**Reminder - read the rules of the Brawl
5:00 pmList Closes
Tournament of Chivalry

Definition (from MiddleWiki):

tournament held periodically to give unbelted fighters the opportunity to fight against members of the Chivalry in a relaxed, non-competitive format. Often referred to simply as a TOC, or a Chiv Tourney.

Traditionally, the event is conducted as a Bear-pit tournament (but without the keeping of any points or tallies of victories), all members of the chivalry present holding the field against all (unbelted) comers. Fights are often best of three or one all-out “crown round.” The unbelted fighter and the member of the chivalry have the chance to fight and discuss the fights in a teaching environment — unlike most tournaments. Knights often use the time to evaluate the prowess of certain unbelted fighters — and vice versa.

Tavern Brawl

The traditional tavern brawl at the Brawl at the Crooked Dragon is slightly different than most. There are no weapons allowed inside the tavern and there is a bouncer to ensure that you are following that rule. In order to enter the tavern, you must disguise your weapons and provide a reason to enter in front a gallery of gentle ladies. We encourage shtick – costumes, back story, weapon disguises.

Three rounds are fought within the tavern after everyone gains entry but…there is no fighting allowed in the tavern. This means you must engage your opponents while the bouncer is otherwise occupied. (No hitting the bouncer; he is there to keep the peace.) You are welcome to team up (until you don’t). Treachery and good, dramatic deaths are encouraged.

Prizes are traditionally given for the overall winner of the three rounds, the best death, and the most treacherous act.