Equestrian Activities

Equestrian Marshal-in-charge: lady rhiannon filia catell


9:00 amSign-in and inspectionsSign-in: Please have your membership and authorization cards as well as health certificates/Coggins for horses residing out of state
Inspections: all weapons must be inspected prior to use.

10:00 amRider and marshal meetingA meeting for all riders, marshals, and ground crew to review the activities, courses and scoring
10:30 amAuthorizationsAuthorizations: please have your membership cards with you and be prepared for verbal questions and demonstrations of riding/skill. **You must contact the EqMIC to schedule an authorization.**
11:00 amOpen Arena
12:00 pmLunch
12:30 pmChallenge CourseA challenge course with timed divisions for each gait.
- 3 minutes at the canter
- 4 minutes at the trot
- 5 minutes at the walk
general information

Traditional games will be in residence – heads, reeds, rings, and quintain as well as whatever else our tremendous marshal dreams up!

The new site is a township park and nature preserve. It has a gravel trail around the outside of the park that you are welcome to ride the horses on to warm them up, cool them down, or just mosey along.

Site Info

The New Russia Township Park and Nature Preserve has an enclosed arena with sand footing. There is running water near the parking area of the arena and should be sufficient parking space as long as we are careful. Unfortunately, there is no shade at this site; so, if you would like to bring some, please feel free. Please make the best use of space to allow everyone to park. You may back up to the grass with the trailer but do not park on the grass.

The park is also a nature preserve. There is a trail around the outside and through the interior of the park. Please stay on the trail and do not move into the uncut areas of the grounds.

Horse/Rider Requirements

Riders must have their ID, authorization card, and membership card in order to participate as a rider.

Horses from outside of Ohio must have proof of a valid Coggins and health certificate. Coggins tests within the past year are valid in Ohio. Health certificates have been issued within the past 30 days.