Rapier Activities

Rapier Combat

Rapier Marshal: Lord Jao Veludo Alfonso d’Albuquerque
Rapier Marshal (C&T): 
Warder Marcos de Ribera



8:00 amInspections, authorizations, and pick-ups
10:00 amDragons, Puppies, and Lava Tourney
11:00 amCut & Thrust Double Elimination Tournament
2:00 pmTavern Brawl
If you have an RBG, bring it. There are a couple of scenarios that they will be allowed in.

Dragons, Puppies, and Lava
Fighters will enter the dragon’s lair in pairs, in an attempt to rescue an assortment of hapless puppies from the voracious, terrible, and immortal dragon. Single sword only. The “dragon” fights with case; when the dragon is dead or takes two arm hits, she kneels in place for a count of ten and then resurrects. Rocks are defined by tape on the floor; fighters must jump from stone to stone to reach the puppies. If You Touch The Lava You Die. Dragons are, of course, immune to lava. Each fighter will have at least three attempts to rescue puppies. Shenanigans and betrayal encouraged. The fighter who returns to the starting zone with the most puppies wins.

Cut & Thrust Double Elimination Tournament
Bring Your Best Style.  Styles don’t need to match. Double Elimination A-game C&T tournament.