Arts and Sciences Faire Information

Regional Arts and Sciences Faires

This is the local starting entry point to the A&S competition system. Works that score at a specific level are invited to compete at the Kingdom A&S Faire at the end of May.

Despite the name, entrants do not compete against each other but only against the A&S criteria for the highest score they can achieve through work quality and documentation. A link to the new criteria is listed below.

The same stringent Middle Kingdom A&S criteria is used at regional as kingdom level to help carefully chosen judges decide a fair score based on authenticity, scope, complexity and over all impression.

Additional information about the Faires can be found on the Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences page.


Here are some additional helpful links for this event:

Registration Portal:
New Criteria:
A Video on Registering as an Entrant:
A Video on Registering to Judge: