Event Schedule

Event Schedule  
9:00 amSite and Registration Opens

Faire Sign-in Opens
Entrants and judges need to sign in after registration
10:00 amFaire Sign-in Closes
10:30 amClass: The SCA Playwright (Tarmach Ben Yehuda al-Khazari)A symposium to discuss the creation of theatrical works for the SCA audience. Topics include period styles, sources for ideas, and resources. If you have ideas or works in progress, bring them. Tarmach Ben Yehuda al-Khazari is the creator behind "Forbidden Pennsic -- the Filked Musical", seen at Pennsic 36, and "Hector of Troy," which is being performed at Pennsic 47.
11:00 amFaire meetingsEntrants and Judges meeting will be held by the judging coordinator and regional MoAS
11:30 amLunch Tavern Opens
2:00 pmLunch Tavern Closes
6:00 pmResults of the Faire will be announced in the main hall.