Main Event Schedule
9:00 amSite Opens
11:30 amLunch Tavern Opens
2:00 pmLunch Tavern Closes

Rapier Tavern Brawl
3:30 pmOrder of the Chivalry Meeting
4:00 pmArmored Tavern Brawl
5:00 pmLists close
6:00 pmCourt
Armored Combat Schedule
9:00-10:30 amSign-in, inspections, and authorizationsPlease have your membership and authorization cards. Bring all weapons to be used during combat to be inspected.
11:00 amTournament of Chivalry - Round 1
12:00 pmToC Break/Classes
12:30 pmTournament of Chivalry - Round 2
1:30 pmBelted Champions Practice
Unbelted Champions Practice
2:30 pmTournament of Chivalry - Round 3
3:30 pmBreak and Brawl setup

Order of the Chivalry Meeting
4:00 pmTavern Brawl**Reminder - read the rules of the Brawl
5:00 pmList Closes
Rapier Combat Schedule
8:00 amInspections, authorizations, and pick-ups
10:00 amDragons, Puppies, and Lava Tourney
11:00 amCut & Thrust Double Elimination Tournament
2:00 pmTavern Brawl
If you have an RBG, bring it. There are a couple of scenarios that they will be allowed in.
Equestrian Schedule
9:00 amSign-in and inspectionsSign-in: Please have your membership and authorization cards as well as health certificates/Coggins for horses residing out of state
Inspections: all weapons must be inspected prior to use.

10:00 amRider and marshal meetingA meeting for all riders, marshals, and ground crew to review the activities, courses and scoring
10:30 amAuthorizationsAuthorizations: please have your membership cards with you and be prepared for verbal questions and demonstrations of riding/skill. **You must contact the EqMIC to schedule an authorization.**
11:00 amOpen Arena
12:00 pmLunch
12:30 pmChallenge CourseA challenge course with timed divisions for each gait.
- 3 minutes at the canter
- 4 minutes at the trot
- 5 minutes at the walk
Thrown Weapons Schedule
10:00 amRange opens
12:00 pmRange Closed for lunch
1:00 pmRange re-opens
3:00 pmBest Poker Hand Tournament
Range open from 10 am - 4 pm
Youth Combat Schedule